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4 Ways Seniors Can Rediscover Purpose in Life

September 30, 2023

While retirement can strip away your routine and motivation, it’s never too late for seniors to rediscover a new purpose in life.

The key is intellectual stimulation – something that can be added into your day-to-day routine, says Blanca Ayala, manager of client services with Hartford HealthCare Independence at Home.

“Our caregivers work with clients to provide a structure in their daily routine. They encourage their clients to engage in physical activities and hobbies, helping rebuild a sense of purpose every day,” says Ayala.

We asked Ayala for practical tips on how seniors can live a meaningful and stimulating life, and how homecare can help.

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4 ways for seniors to discover their purpose in life

Ayala suggest trying one or more of these tactics to discover a new purpose:

1. Volunteer. Helping others can provide you with not only a sense of accomplishment and a new skill set but you can also gain a sense of fulfillment that fuels your mental health.

2. Learn a new skill. Whether from a course or your family member, options for learning are limitless. Learning a new skill helps you expand your mind and values.

3. Reconnect with others and nurture meaningful relationships. One of the most overlooked ways to rediscover your purpose starts with a simple conversation with someone you lost connection with and those you love the most. Doing this can boost your mood and give you new perspective.

4. Tell your story. Your story enables others to see you from your personal perspective. Some will be able to relate or have a similar story to tell. But the people who can, are the ones you will gravitate to.

With an open mindset, you are more than able to tackle this step. Living a meaningful life contributes to better physical and mental health.

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How a caregiver can help you take your first step

You may dismiss trying new things, though, due to age-related physical constraints. But a home caregiver can boost your confidence.

“Life is easier when you have somebody by your side, especially someone who is always looking out for your overall health,” Ayala says.

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How do I choose a caregiver? Where do I start?

The most important step in choosing a caregiver is to contact a reputable agency licensed by the state. Make sure the caregivers are employees of the agency and the agency handles payment.

The agency will then match the caregiver to the client based on variables such as specific needs and likes/dislikes, Ayala explains.