About Us

Our Vision:

To enhance already established standards of patient centered care, and improve the health of the population we serve by creating a system-wide community-based care coordination team and process. 

Our Mission:

To be a high-performing network of integrated providers successfully delivering value-based population health.

Integrated Care Partners (ICP) is a physician-led, clinically integrated health care network whose mission is to assist our members in providing the highest quality care at the most reasonable cost for our patients in the current, rapidly changing medical environment.

Our core principles are to:

  • Be physician-led, patient-centered, quality-based and value-focused.
  • Practice using evidence-based medicine driven by shared data.
  • Deliver value for consumers and employers.
  • Forge partnerships with health plans, employers and providers.
  • Align incentives so everyone is working together toward the same goals.

Integrated Care Partners