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Headache Center Gains International Attention

December 19, 2017

The Hartford HealthCare Headache Center continues to raise its profile as a hub for education and research in the field of headache care.

Most recently, the program was observed by the leading headache neurologist in Colombia, South America.  Dr. Joe Munoz spent three months shadowing Headache Center Medical Director Dr. Brian Grosberg and his team of headache specialists and seeing patients at the Center.

“We have 50 million people in Colombia and nearly 6 million suffer from migraines. That’s a large number and we have limited resources as far as neurologists and headache specialists go,” says Munoz.  “I’ll be bringing back so much information from this visit and have really been impressed with Dr. Grosberg and his team’s multidisciplinary approach to caring for patients.”

Dr. Grosberg and Dr. Munoz met nearly 10 years ago when Grosberg was practicing in New York.

“Being able to have the opportunity for someone of Dr. Munoz’ stature to come here is really tremendous. It speaks to the level of care we’re providing and to the level of education we’re providing as well,” says Grosberg “We’re an academic headache program and I believe the patients see the importance of that. It means we’re not only focusing on their care but bringing advances and cutting edge treatments into the clinical practice. Ultimately that translates into better patient outcomes.”

Hartford HealthCare Headache Centers are located in West Hartford, Southington and Waterford.

For more information visit https://hartfordhealthcare.org/services/headache-center.