May, 2016

ICP, Hartford HealthCare Rehabiliation Network, create Healthy Back Program to improve quality, patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care

April, 2016

MACRA Redux: Transforming Medicare Payments to Providers

March, 2016

November Elections Won't Change the Need to Lower the Cost of Care

February, 2016

Incentive Payments Reward Efforts in Moving to Value

January, 2016

Beginning the New Year – Challenges and Opportunities for ICP

December, 2015

Where We Are, What Lies Ahead as HealthCare Continues to Change

November, 2015

ICP Members Play a Role in Managing HHC Employee Population Health

October, 2015

ICP to Work with Aetna in New Collaborative Agreement

September, 2015

Why Are Primary Care Providers Accountable for Screenings? 

August, 2015

New Terms Describe Value-Based Payments

July, 2015

ICP Expanding Palliative Medicine into Outpatient Settings, Including Physician Offices

June, 2015

Aetna Contract Expanded; Multiplan Agreement Signed

May, 2015

ICP, UnitedHealthcare: Terms in Brief

April, 2015

Care Management Team Making a Difference: Helping Practices Meet Quality Metrics, Reduce Costs, Improve Outcomes

March, 2015

‘Old-Fashioned’ Care Delivery is Today’s Innovation for Improving Population Health, Reducing Costs

February, 2015

ICP to Share Best Practices from Pilot Primary Care Practice

January, 2015

ICP Integrating Pharmacy into Patient Care and Population Management

December, 2014

ICP Update: Where Are We Now? The Year in Review

November, 2014

ICP Care-Management Team Certified in Best Practices

October, 2014

ICP Conference Speakers Make Strong Case for Behavioral Health, Primary Care Integration

September, 2014

Using Data to Improve the Health of Our Communities

August, 2014

ICP Provider Relations Specialists Ready to Assist, Reach Out to Members

July, 2014

ICP Launches Employee Population Health-Management Program

June, 2014

Palliative Medicine Rising to Awareness in Improving the Quality of Care

May, 2014

ICP Works to Integrate Behavioral and Physical Health

April, 2014

ICP, Cigna Begin Collaborative Care Program

March, 2014

Moving Toward Population Health Management

February, 2014

ICP Advances in Managing Patients' Care

January, 2014

Reducing Readmissions: Another Step in Reform

December, 2013

ICP and Our Founding Members

November, 2013

Hartford HealthCare’s ACO: How is it Working? What Does it Mean to Me?

October, 2013

Shared Savings and Other Alternative Payment Methods 

September, 2013

Transitioning to Better Care Transitions

August 26, 2013

HMOs, ACOs - What's the Difference?

August 12, 2013

Health Insurance Exchanges: Another Eye on Cost and Quality

July 29, 2013

Payment for Value = Improving the Quality of Care

July 15, 2013

Integrated Care Partners Appoints Management Staff to Further Organization’s Goals 

June, 2013

Integrated Care Partners And the Critical Role of Information Technology in Health Care Delivery

May 20, 2013

New trends in the health care industry

May 6, 2013

Integrated Care Partners' Purpose, Plans and Progress

April 22, 2013

The New World of Health Care

April 9, 2013

Clinical Integration and Integrated Care Partners

Integrated Care Partners