Crimson Medical Referrals

Crimson is a web-based referral platform that enhances patient care coordination within our ICP network through a paperless referral process allowing visibility into the care continuum for physicians.


The Benefits:

  • Crimson comes at no cost to ICP Community Providers
  • Paperless & secure patient information sharing
  • Web-based platform means any provider can access the tool regardless of EMR
  • The average referral process time is reduced from 12 minutes to 2 minutes, front line staff have been the most staunch advocates of the tool
  • Training takes minutes
  • Crimson Medical Referrals gives physicians visibility into the care continuum
  • Reporting capabilities help with PCMH tracking as well as network accountability

What ICP Practices who are connected have to say:

“[Crimson] is a very useful platform for tracking referrals and sharing information”
– Colorectal Surgery Office Manager

“We receive referrals online and it works great. Amazing!”
– Ophthalmology Manager

“I actually enjoy sending referrals now”
– Primary Care Referral Coordinator


For more information on going live with Crimson at your practice, please email us or call 860-937-3749

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