Quality Tools & Performance

The shift to value based care is happening now at Integrated Care Partners, we assist our physician members in achieving greater success under new value-based payment models.

Incentive Rewards

Members are rewarded through earned incentives, from Integrated Care Partner’s commercial and government contracts, by working together to improve the quality and reduce the total cost of patient care.

  • Guaranteed Incentive Fund: Commercial insurers contribute to the Guaranteed Incentive Fund, based on the contracts negotiated with ICP. Physicians receive payment from the fund based on meeting specific requirements, which are unnecessary costs. Primary care physicians (PCPs) receive funds for closing specific gaps in care (meeting quality metrics). An example of closing gaps in care is contacting a PCP patient with diabetes who may not have gone for a test and urging the patient to get the test and continue his or her care as recommended.
  • Earned Incentive Fund: ICP members receive earned – or shared – savings by delivering care below a specific budget set by commercial insurers, while meeting specific quality metrics or submitting quality data for specific time periods. ICP members and insurers share in the savings produced by better care management.
  • Care Management Fee: Insurers also provide ICP with funds to support ICP’s care management infrastructure,which includes care managers with nursing or social work backgrounds who are dedicated to improving patient experience and support a care continuum for our highest risk, most vulnerable patients and software platforms which provide quality data about our patients. ICP’s physician incentive programs, including our community care management team, help physicians and practices meet these quality standards and become high-quality, affordable providers shaping ICP physicians into the system of choice for patients, employers and payers. 

For any questions regarding Quality Performance please contact us at: IntegratedCare.Partners@hhchealth.org. ​​


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