What is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?

  • ACOs are groups of doctors and other healthcare providers who voluntarily work together with Medicare to give patients high-quality service and care at the right time in the right setting.
  • Hartford HealthCare has agreed to participate in a Medicare Shared Savings ACO and to work closely with other doctors and healthcare providers in the ACO to coordinate care for Medicare beneficiaries who have traditional Medicare.
  • The ACO may share in any savings that result from providing you with high-quality and more coordinated care.

ACOs do not change a patient's Medicare benefits

  • An ACO is not a Medicare Advantage plan or an HMO plan.
  • If patients have traditional Medicare, they still have the right, at any time, to use any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare.
  • We may continue to recommend that patients see particular doctors for their specific health needs, but it’s always the patient's choice about what doctors they use.

How will an ACO help doctors coordinate patient care?

  • Patients benefit because their doctors are part of a better coordinated team.
  • Patients may not have to fill out as many medical forms that ask for the same information.
  • Each of our doctors will not only know about the health issues they’ve treated, they also will have a more complete picture of a patient's health through talking with other doctors in the ACO.

About Hartford HealthCare's ACO

ACO Participant(s)

Ambulatory Care Facilities

   ACO 2017

  • Arnold Koff MD
  • Backus Physician Services
  • Cardiology PC
  • CONNCare Inc.
  • Eye Physicians of Central CT PC
  • Hartford HealthCare Medical Group
  • HHC PhysiciansCare Inc.
  • Mansfield Family Practice
  • Patrick H. McDermott MD
  • Paul B. Murray MD LLC
  • Newington Internal Medicine Primary Care LLP
  • Physicians Alliance of Connecticut LLC
  • Ralph Rosenberg MD
  • Retina Consultants PC
  • Solinsky Eye Care LLC
  • Thomas Banever MD
  • Windsor Medical Associates LLC

   ACO 2018

  • Acuity Eye Physicians and Surgeons PC
  • Connecticut Sleep Medicine LLC
  • David J. Domenichini MD PC
  • Dobrita Family Care LLC
  • Internal Medicine Group LLC
  • Thompson Medical LLC

Acute Care Facilities

  • Hartford Hospital
  • The Hospital of Central Connecticut
  • MidState Medical Center
  • Windham Community Memorial Hospital

ACO Participants in Joint Ventures Between ACO professionals and hospitals

  • No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO Professionals and Hospitals

ACO Governing Body

  • Dr. James Cardon, Voting Member and Chief Executive Officer, Integrated Care Partners, HHC
  • Dr. Jack Schmetterling, Voting Member and Chair, Hartford HealthCare Medical Group
  • Dr. Wilner Samson, Voting Member and ACO Medical Director, Hartford HealthCare Medical Group
  • Dr. David Simon, Voting Member, Physicians Alliance of Connecticut LLC
  • Dr. Anuraddha Walaliyadda, Voting Member, Physicians Alliance of Connecticut LLC
  • Dr. Ian Kleinhen, Voting Member, Windsor Medical Associates LLC

Key ACO Clinical and Administrative Leadership

  • Debra Kelly-Hayes, ACO Executive; Chief Operating Officer, Integrated Care Partners, HHC
  • David Santoro, ACO CMS Liaison; Director, Strategic Operations, Integrated Care Partners, HHC
  • Rebecca Stewart, ACO Media Contact, Director of Media Relations, HHC
  • James Bowman, ACO Compliance Contact; Compliance and Privacy Officer, HHC

Associated Committees and Committee Leadership

  • Dr. Ethan Foxman, Chair, Quality and Performance Management, Jefferson Radiology, Hartford Hospital

Amount of Shared Savings and Losses

  • Performance Year 1, 2012/2013; Earned Shared Savings Payments/Owe Losses: $0
  • Performance Year 2, 2014; Earned Shared Savings Payments/Owe Losses: $0; Quality Score: 90.02%
  • Performance Year 3, 2015; Earned Shared Savings Payments/Owe Losses: $0
  • Performance Year 4, 2016; Earned Shared Savings Payments/Owe Losses: $0

Types of ACO Participants or Combinations of Participants that Formed the ACO

  1. ACO professionals in a group practice arrangement

How Shared Savings are Distributed

  1. Proportion invested in infrastructure – 10% of total shared savings to be distributed to HHC to offset infrastructure expenses
  2. Citizenship – 60% of the remaining shared savings will be distributed to all HHC ACO PCP providers based on their attributed lives
  3. Quality Performance – 30% of the remaining shared savings will be distributed to the HHC ACO participating practices based on their GPRO quality performance 

2016 Quality Performance Results

Performance-results.PNGRev. 2-27-18

(Click for a larger view)

MSSP Public Reporting on Quality

Please note, the ACO-40 Depression Remission at 12 months quality measure is not included in public reporting due to low samples.

Note: In the Quality Performance Results file(s) above, search for “HARTFORD HEALTHCARE ACCOUNTABLE CARE ORGANIZATION, INC.” to view the quality performance results. This ACO can also be found by using the ACO ID A64801 in the public use files on data.cms.gov.

Payment Rule Waivers

  • No, our ACO does not use the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver.